Point of sale (POS) System, Cloud-based

Run better retail and F&B stores

POS system (Point-of-sale), Cloud-based  is one of the leading POS system Singapore experts that transforming the way retail and restaurant businesses operate. With real-time connection across outlets, it makes it so much easier for businesses to manage multiple outlets and utilizing the real-time sales transaction data, business owners are able to make the accurate decision and focus on what is important.

We represent Vend Omni-channel Retail POS software (Retail management system) that has pre-approved by PSG grant and Eats365 iPad POS System that provide the most complete function for restaurant and any F&B business to help the SME to overcome the rising cost and competition from other sales channels.

Since 2013, there are more than 1000 retailers and restaurants in Singapore who benefit from the modern POS solution that we recommended. The reliability of cloud-based POS empowers SME to do more with lower cost and high competitive advantages.

Omnichannel Retail
Food & Beverages
Customer Engagement
Report and Analytics
Trusted by 25,000 retailer worldwide

Run your retail with world's easiest POS.

Vend make point-of-sale sell screen awesome than ever. The new sell screen is easy for anyone to learn and save your time for training. It work on any hardware and operate both online and offline. Whether you have one store or 10, Vend synced everything to the cloud and you can access your sales report anywhere.

Vend pos with integrated vend ecommerce
The world's easiest POS to use

Omni-channel Retail POS System

Vend Retail POS Solution currently serving close to 500 retailers in Singapore from startup retail to global retail chain. We have helped many grow and modernise the retail point-of-sale (POS) solution. We take pride in offering a dependable system that SME can rely on when they start and grow their business.

With useful features like CRM, inventory management, loyalty, superior stability, security, and data accuracy, we provide a retail pos system that our client can rely on it every day and let them make a judgment with insightful reporting including AI-powered forecast reports.

Point of sale that is easy, beautiful and powerful

The best way to make sales today

Vend transforming the retail point of sale globally with best sell screen design to help retailer operate at optimum efficiency. Behind the scene, Vend has provided many powerful features to help retailer stand out from competition and grow their business and sell more. We summarise some of the great features to help you understand how Vend provide unique value from plain simple pricing comparison from other looks a like software solutions. When it come to the actual use of software, it is obvious that quality is not something that can replicate.

Hardware independent
  • Sell on Mac or PC
  • Sell on-the-go with Vend Register iPad app
Build and retain your customer list
  • Let customer signup with Vend display app
  • Reward your customer with Loyalty program
Simplify cashier operation
  • Customisable quick key for quick access to any SKU including specific product variant
  • Lightning fast product or customer search bar or barcode scanner
  • Put a quick note to line item or receipt like care instructions or special discounts
  • Apply discount automatically or manually
  • Printed or email receipt that carry your brands after a sale
  • Hold or retrieve a sale transaction easily
  • Offer your customer buy a gift card to share with their love one
  • Let your customer choose how they want to pay with split payment mode
  • Give your customer the flexibility to change their minds with simple processing of refund or return
  • Powerful store credit systems to convert a refund into store credit
  • Allow customer to pay partial for their favourite items on layaway or on-account sales
Gain more control over every transaction
  • User accounts and permission
  • User switching after every transaction
  • Cash management to handle cash float or withdrawal to keep the till tally
  • Printed register closure report or synchronise to XERO automatically
  • Build in workflow API to handle specific check for the transaction such as age verification
Maintain accuracy of your inventory at all time
  • Easy management for standard, variant or composite product inventory
  • Automate your stock management with re-order points and re-order quantity
  • Keeping optimum stock at all time so that you can forecast the trends to sell more
Simplify stock control
  • Managing stock for multi locations in real time with high precision
  • Automatically real time update eCommerce sales in one place
  • Keep your stock order record synchronise to accounting system like XERO
  • Keep your team informed of the incoming stock transfer to their outlet
  • Maintain stock return record to your supplier for defective inventory
Inventory counts made easy
  • Choose either Vend scanner app or Snapify app for Vend to manage your stock count
  • Conduct partial or full inventory counts
  • Quick and easy product lookups on your phone
Manage stock with Snapify app
  • Manage new inventory purchase project through your phone
  • Convert your new stock purchase into a stock order all by Snapify app
  • Let you outlet staff request stock from your headquarter or warehouse
  • Manage stock picking at warehouse
  • Receiving stock either from new stock purchase of stock transfer with Snapify app
  • Snapify as alternative tool for stock count beside Vend scanner app
  • Fulfilment checklist for your eCommere app or bulking item that you deliver to your customer
Powerful omni-channel retail management
  • Vend integrated with leading eCommerce platform such as ,
    • BigCommerce
    • WooCommerce
    • Shopify
  • Sell to marketplace platform such as,
    • Lazada
    • Shopee
    • Qoo10
  • Real time inventory sync
  • Two ways product catalog update between Vend, eCommerce or marketplace
  • Consolidate your customer list from all sales channels to Vend to help you identify best customer group
  • Powerful reporting that give you insight of your multi-channel retail strategy
  • Prevent oversell products that has limited stock
Adapt to changes of consumer behaviour
  • Vend give you flexibility to connect to common platforms that your target customer shop
  • Vend omni-channel integration save your time and money to start selling immediately
  • Single click to decide what to sell or not to the connected eCommerce platform
  • Enable click and collect for your physical outlets (Available via APIs) to fulfil order directly from Vend
  • Get notify when order came in from the connected channel
Agile and low cost and scalable
  • Vend not just giving you integration but two ways data sync such as sales, customer, inventory that you depends on
  • You can get started to sell on eCommerce immediately without much complexity and cost
  • Enhance omni-channel customer engagement with Reeward or Marsello
Easiest way to build your customer database
  • Add customer right from your point-of-sale, when they pay
  • Let customer signup from the email receipt that send to them
  • Create customer profiles and share across outlet
  • Import your existing customer list into Vend
Attract new customer and increase revenue
  • Bring new customers into your store with Gift card
  • Vend gift card is easy to setup
  • Easily sell and redeem gift cards
  • Issued gift card is secure by serial number checking and expiry date
  • 65% of gift card redeemers spend 38% over the value of their gift card and are more likely to buy products at regular price
Build great customer relationship
  • Empower your staff with details to help them provide best shopping experience to customers
  • Coupled with Vend promotion
  • Build a promotion that help you to sell more to your most valuable group of customer
  • Give specific group of customer higher loyalty reward
  • Issue store credit to your customers
Gain actionable insights with Vend Reporting
  • Build your own reports
  • Drill down into your data
  • Understand your customer better
  • Manage your inventory more effectively
  • Know what’s going on wherever you are
Make better decisions with advanced reporting
  • Access key information from anywhere
  • Breakdown your report further
  • Get deeper sales insights
  • Order the right products and never miss a sale
Advanced analytics
  • Set individual sales targets for your team
  • Help your staff upsell and cross-sell
Gain actionable insights with Vend Reporting
Expand connectivity to the cloud computing world
  • Integrate with leading eCommerce platform
    • BigCommerce
    • WooCommerce
    • Shopify
  • Sync your sales to cloud accounting system
    • Xero
    • Quickbooks Online
    • myob
  • Connect to customer engagement platform
    • Marsello
    • Mailchimp
  • Manage staff scheduling and appointment
    • Deputy
    • Timely
    • Resurva
  • Expand inventory management capability
    • Netsuite
    • Dear Inventory
    • Unleashed
  • Other integrations
    • EIX by EISOL
    • Shopping mall GTO
Vend open API integration
  • Webhook
  • Workflow API
    • Age verification
    • Serial no verification
    • Anything else
Vend takes the “hard” out of hardware
  • Vend run on Mac and PC hardware
  • iPad hardware
Seamless hardware integration
  • Receipt printer
    • For iPad
      • Star micronis
      • Epson
    • For Mac and PC
      • Any USB receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
    • Any cash drawer with RJ11/12 connector
  • Barcode scanner
    • For iPad
      • Socket mobile
    • For Mac and PC
      • Any USB barcode scanner
The world best retail POS trusted by many Singapore retailer
sennheiser use vend for the retail outlet
Razer store choose vend
Salvation army family stores choose vend
yankee candles choose vend
Osmose fashion choose vend
The golden duck choose vend
kimoj choose vend
Coldwear choose vend
Powering the future of dining

Most complete F&B POS system

EISOL F&B solution combine industry-leading Restaurant management systems to provide all rounded solutions for any F&B business. Eats365 – the most complete F&B solution enable multi-channels ordering capabilities and end-to-end restaurant management you ever need to grow a successful F&B business.

Build with powerful middleware, Eats365 ready to connect online ordering, food delivery platform, logistic services, food supply chain and international expansion for multi-national enterprise within one platforms. Whether you are brand new startup F&B establishment or franchise MNC, Eats365 works for you and let you scale from 1 to 100+ outlets with best in class solution.

eats365 pos for dine in restaurant
Multi-channel ordering restaurant

Adapt to changes with flexibility

COVID-19 caught many F&B business in surprise. Most of the business that has disrupted by the drastic chances was still operate with outdated IT systems. And some has quickly shifted to online ordering but still find it hard to manage multi-channel selling strategy due to non-integrated platform 

Eats365 all-in-one restaurant management platform facilitate online, or on-site ordering capability which integrated with queue management system, eSignage, POS, kitchen management and food delivery platform to give you all the flexibility that you need to adapt to the changes.

EISOL team will help you with this technology transformation to run a better F&B business.

Eats365 pos system comprise all functions needed to manage a restaurant
Build a tech driven restaurant business

Eats365 transforming restaurant business

Traditional restaurant rely heavily on staffing, a high traffic hawker typically need at least 3 men team to manage the cooking, packing and cashiering. Cashier manage the input of order details, coordination with chef(s), packing the food or arranging the plate and collect money. Without the help of technology, cashier need years of experience to reach optimum efficiency. Yet human being has limitation, it is single point of failure when cashier fall sick and stop working and it affect every other process and cause impact to the revenue.

No matter what size of your restaurant, automation is a sustainable long term solution that can increase your bandwidth, preventing human error and increase customer satisfaction when they dine with you. That revolution has already begin years ago and accelerated during COVID lock down, and it will never go back to the old day. From now on, restaurant need help from technology, and eats365 is the perfect solution that give you what you need now and the future.

Eats365 powering the future of dining.

Empower cashier to do more
  • User login by pin, access card or password
  • Build in with Clock-in/out
  • Switch between Dine-in or Take out mode
  • Browse product by category or user defined layout
  • Search item by barcode scanner, name, or item code
  • Managing coursing on every item
  • Toggle customer display languages easily
  • Apply discount or pre-defined promotion
  • Duplicate order from customer past order
  • Replicate when void an order
  • Automatically change menu by pre-defined schedule
  • Scan to retrieve receipt
Ultra flexible dine-in order management
  • Create section and table to manage the restaurant capacity and order workflow
  • Managing coursing on every item
  • Hold or fire order item
  • Add a future table booking into the POS
  • Call for a queue ticket that customer has dispensed through ticketing system
  • Colour coding to indicate table status
  • Transfer order or link tables for orders
  • Share table by seat and split orders accordingly
  • Track table dwell time and give alert to service crew
Let customer choose how they want to pay
  • Integrated payment for fast check out
  • Setup your prefer payment types
  • Choose from store credit payment
  • Split payment the way you like
  • Split items into portion payment
  • Flexible way to configure tax calculation
  • Automatic rounding for selected payment types
Your customer deserve best dining experiences
  • Let your customer dine and get reward with loyalty
  • Replicate customer past order for quick check out
  • Give your customer option to order from online and collect from store
  • Build a special discount for your most valuable customers
Let customer order from anywhere
  • Point-of-sale
  • Waiter mPOS
  • Online ordering
  • Eats365 Marketplace
  • Self-service Kiosk
  • eMenu
  • Eats365 user app
Transform your kitchen to paperless
  • Receive order in Kitchen from POS or mPOS
  • Group the ordered items in different way that you prefer
  • Bump and recall items
  • Order timing tracker
  • Clear indication of order details include modifiers and option
The old is gold
  • Wide range of compatible printers to choose from
  • Highly customisable order chit
  • Fail-over printing
  • Colour coding the important message
  • Configurable delay printing for online orders
  • Display language that your chef prefer
  • Shorten the item name for kitchen crew
  • Label sticker systems for your drinks
Managing your order in timely manner
  • Expedite display help you manage the order in timely manner
  • Announce the order ticket from expedite display
  • Separate to different collection counter when needed
  • Time tracking of customer order
Eats365 online ordering platform
  • Fully integrated to POS
  • Let your customer choose pick up or delivery
  • Set maximum quantity to control your bandwidth from over selling
  • Configurable auto order acceptance
  • Set service distance to your restaurant
  • Fully compatible with POS menu including combo menu
  • Accept pre-order from your customer
  • Integrated with point-of-sale CRM module
  • Restrict order outside of restaurant operating hours
  • Integrated with multiple payment providers
  • Integrated with food delivery providers
Eats365 marketplace
  • Expand your restaurant market reach to broader audience
  • Fully integrated with POS system
  • Unify menu and order management within same platform
  • Available globally even for tourist who visiting Singapore
  • Turnkey solution that you can turn on anytime, immediately
  • Integrated with food delivery providers
Food delivery platform integration
  • Integrated with GrabFood
  • Integrated with FoodPanda
  • Integrated with Deliveroo
  • Sales order sync
  • Menu sync
Let your order capacity scale not staffing
  • Easy access to your restaurant menu by scanning a QR code
  • Dynamic QR to prevent fake or spamming orders
  • Pay first or pay later mode
  • Fully web based without the need to install app
  • Work on any smartphone or tablets
  • Integrated with eats365 CRM, promotion and discount
One place to manage all your customer data
  • Quick add a customer record at POS
  • Add a customer record when they order online
  • Add a customer record when they order at Eats365 marketplace
  • Add a customer record when they order from user app
Make your CRM data useful for the customer
  • Retrieve customer past order and replicate it when they visit again
  • Know your customer favourite dish
  • Give promotion to a specific group of customer
  • Let your customer to pay with store credit
Advanced CRM function for enterprise
  • Connect your customer across outlets
  • Connect your customer across all brand restaurants
  • Connect your customer across different countries
  • Multi outlets, multi brands and multi countries loyalty program
Ready for your franchise or global expansion
  • Multi currencies
  • Multi languages
  • Connect your pos to local payment gateways
  • Enterprise reporting and dashboard
Multi-tiers management structures
  • Multi outlets management
  • Multi brands management
  • Multi groups management
Simplify operation for multi locations management
  • Setting up menu templates
  • Schedule menu updates across all brands, and outlets
  • Customisable transactional currency setting
  • Enterprise level user access permission
Expand the platform capability beyond POS
  • Accounting system integrations
  • Food supply chain integrations
  • Shopping mall integrations
State of art point-of-sale hardware
  • POS, CFD, KDS, expedite display, queue ticket system, eMenu runs on iPad
  • mPOS runs on smart phone
  • eSignage runs on Apple TV
  • Self-service Kiosk runs on iPad Pro
Seamless hardware integration
  • Receipt printer
    • Star Micronics
    • Epson
    • Bixolon
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
    • Socket mobile
    • Omni-directional barcode reader
    • USB handheld barcode reader
  • Networking switch
    • Cloud managed switch
    • Cloud managed gateway
    • Cloud manage access point
  • iPad Stand
  • Card reader for employee or customer
    • RFID card reader
    • RFID card
Join the list of tech driven restaurants in Asia
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Take customer engagement to the next level

Integrated omni-channel customer engagement solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses worldwide and Singapore has not exempted. It has also affecting retail and f&b business due to social distancing measure and slow down on economy. Digital transformation become necessary and urgently.

Reeward is an integrated omni-channel customer engagement solution that to help you enhance engagement with your client via online or in-store, acquire new customers and retain existing customers with comprehensive built-in promotion functions.