What is All in One POS System and Its Benefits

The mere thought of gathering all the components of a POS system together seems overwhelming. It would help if you had a cash drawer, terminal, keyboard, a bar code scanner, a label printer, a magnetic stripe reader, a pole display, and so on. Then, you need to ensure compatibility between the components. After that, you needContinue reading “What is All in One POS System and Its Benefits”

12 Payment Predictions with Ingenico

With almost 40 years in the industry, the collective payments expertise of the Ingenico team is unparalleled. So, as the new year begins, Simon Fairbairn, Director of Solution Development at Ingenico Banks & Acquiring, considers 12 key payment predictions for 2020.  1) Fraudsters Innovate Too In 2019, Authorised Push Payment Fraud (APP Fraud) rose by 40%, costing theContinue reading “12 Payment Predictions with Ingenico”

‘Less is more’ is the future of point of sale tech

Major changes in customer behavior and preferences, along with surging demand for better and more services, have reached into every corner of the restaurant industry.  As a result, a mindset toward POS (point of sale) solutions has taken hold that says we need to add more functionality, more data, support for more devices, and moreContinue reading “‘Less is more’ is the future of point of sale tech”

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Restaurants

Cyber criminals often go after small businesses because they are more vulnerable. This is partly because owners are more focussed on day-to-day running concerns, and because they often need to keep an eye on costs, cybersecurity may not be a priority. Working in a particularly fast-paced sector, restaurant owners need to be aware of anyContinue reading “Cybersecurity Best Practices for Restaurants”

GrabFood opens first cloud kitchen in Singapore

A self-pick up option for customers would soon be introduced. GrabFood announced the launch of its first cloud kitchen in Singapore and upcoming unified merchant app. Located at the Hillview residencial area in Bukit Batok, the food delivery platform’s cloud kitchen is expected to house ten restaurant brands, offering the app’s most frequently searched foodContinue reading “GrabFood opens first cloud kitchen in Singapore”