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Content-rich and feature-packed, Eats365 is the revolutionary, simple-to-use, iPad-based POS that makes running your business easy.


Eats365 pos system for restaurant

A few things we’re great at

Combining the experieces from the family restaurant business, the asian food culture and technology inclined career background. Eats365 founder, Mr. Wilson have the right ingredients to create the most promising f&b management systems that every restaurant sought after. A systems that’s complete, flexible and stable that promise to help you solve the day to day issue and grow your business.

Eats365 online food ordering


Eats365 integrated online food ordering, and marketplace to provide a turnkey solution that you need sell online. All your sales are aggregated to eats365 automatically.

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Eats365 customerself ordering solution
Eats365 for dine in restaurant


We have the complete suite of system help your to manage orders efficiently and accurately. So that you can give your customer best dining experiece.

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Eats365 integrated with food delivery platform


Having “cockpit syndrome” at your POS station? Eats365 integrated with food delivery platform and help you consolidate all your order in one place and real time.

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Eats365 provide enterprise features to handle franchise or multi outlets across countries


Eats365 enteprise module to give you multi outlets, multi brands stores management. It simplify the way you manage large chain shops or frachise business.

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Eats365 build in with loyalty program
Eat365 food supply chain management


Connect your POS with supply chain application to help you quantify your food cost and optimise the inventory. You can see the improvement just within one month.

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Eats365 analytic report help you understand your business

Online ordering that work

To make an online food ordering work you need a platform that allow you to apply certain control. A balance that your customer will find it easy to use, yet preventing them from making mistake like missing address info. You must be able to cope with the volume and make sure food will arrived on time. We have all this features in place that help you to build successful online ordering platform for pickup and delivery.


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Self Order Kiosk or eMenu or BYOD?

No matter which technology that you choose, they will do well in certain area and not all rounded. That’s why EISOL AskEdmund services will help you to size your project and propose a solution that best fit to your brand and operation workflow. Rest assure that all of them are integral part of Eats365 ecosystems.


Self Service Kiosk is proven to work for fast food chain. Eats365 provide Self Order Kiosk solutions that is easy to use and versatile. It is trusted by well known brands.

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eMenu is useful for dine-in restaurants to facilitate digital menu to your patron to order their food and customise to their liking. It is scalable and save staffing cost.

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BYOD is the most cost effective solutions. You don’t need the hardware or to deal with IT complexity. It work best for new generation of diner who is savvy with mobile devices.

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Build a tech driven restaurant

Running a restaurant need to take care of a lot of moving parts. It is complex, time sensitive and must adhere to high standard of consistency so that your patron get the best dining experiences and wil continue to support you. IT automation such as POS system and restaurant management systems will help you achieve this without inflating your operational cost that heavily rely on staffing.


Eats365 POS is the command center that connect to all other eats365 modules and coordinate from order taking until the food was serve to the table.

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Mobile POS (MPOS) facilitate the portability for waiters to take order anywhere from the restaurant and consolidate to the primary POS system.

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Orders are categorised and forward to different work station for preparation, order time tracking and bump item off, or recall an item.

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Expedite display keep things organize when your kitchen is server dine-in and take away orders. It is connected to eSignage to alert the customers for collections.

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Show somw of your best dishes when customer come to pay for their bill at the cashier to make the customer display a selling tool.

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Food delivery platform integration 

Food delivery platform is important to some business. In fact, some restaurants are selling more during COVID lockdown by leveraging on the food delivery services. But managing orders from various food delivery platform can be quite messy, especially when the orders has to manually enter into your PO, track for preparation and fulfil it. We simplify this proces by integrating delivery platform with eats365 to help you cope with high volume of orders during peak hours.

Eats365 integrate with food delivery platform to download orders


Whether it is from GrabFood, FoodPanda, or Deliveroo. Every order will end up in Eat365 POS system in real-time and no manual entry is required. There is no need to operate like a pilot cockpit at your cashier counter.

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Keep one set of menu and sell everywhere. You can save a lot of time to manage the menu or pricing and spend more time to create more dishes for your customers. Food delivery integration is a problem that we can help you to resolve.

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eats365 and food delivery platform auto synchronization


There is no need to create a “button pressing clerk” just to receive order from Food delivery terminal. We can help you to automate and accept order when it came in. So you will have one more waiter and one less “button pressing clerk”.

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