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Restaurant business can be profitable, but only when operate correctly. Using productivity solution such as POS system is one of the key success factor that help you to save cost and increase productivity. The POS system can help you to cope with surge of orders during lunch or dinner hours, keep the process organise and reduce human errors.


Eats365 POS system provide you with all this, plus more advanced features such as multi-channels ordering, end-to-end order management and enterprise scalability to manage all your outlets across the world.


50% of the restaurant owners who seen our POS software came to realised how much more they can do for their business compare to what they know about the common features for POS systems and 70% of the restaurant owners agree that Eats365 is the most advanced and cost effective POS solution they can rely on for their business.


Our justification to the remaining 30% that concern about cost and worry about getting wrong solutions are simple, try our software (and hardware for free), and tap on to government grant to share your investment.

eats365 pos system

A few things that we are doing great

Powerful POS system

Running on iPad, Eats365 give you a highly stable and secure platform that you can do more sales everyday. Our POS system will keep running even when the Internet goes down.

Dine-in restaurant

Let your patron order their favourite foods and customise to their preference. Eats365 has all the solutions you need to jumpstart customer self ordering solution.

Integrated online ordering

Eats365 integrated online food ordering, and marketplace to provide a turnkey solution that you need sell online. All your sales are aggregated to eats365 automatically.

Food delivery service

Having “cockpit syndrome” at your Cashier desk? Eats365 integrated with food delivery platform and help you consolidate all your order in one place and real time.

Self-service kiosk

Let your patron order their favorite foods and customise to their preference. Eats365 has all the solutions you need to jumpstart customer self ordering solution.

Customer loyalty

Engaging customer and keep them happy for more return sale. Eats365 built-in Loyalty give you flexibility to reward your customer when they dine with you.

Ingredient management

Connect your POS with supply chain app to help you calculate your food cost and optimise inventory. See the improvement in just one month.

Multi currencies

Our point-of-sale accept multiple currencies in one transaction to give your customer convenience to pay with what they have. Adjust the exchange rate easily.

Enterprise & franchise

Eats365 enterprise module to give you multi outlets, multi brands stores management. It simplify the way you manage large chain shops or franchise business.

Analytics and reports

Knowing what selling best, and who spent more is important. Eats365 reports help you to analyse all this WITH easy to understand reports and dashboard.

Multi languages

Connect with your oversea customer with language they understand by just a press of a button. Or let your staff operate the cashier with the language they prefer.

Open for connections

You can do more with add-on applications like XERO, FMH, or payment gateway. We provide open API that you can build a unique process flow that is best for your customers.

POS software design for f&b business

Let your customer dine and pay later or place order to take-out. Eats365 let you handle both within the same POS app by just a click. We take care of the service tax calculation automatically for you too.

Make it simple for your customer to order from you from self-service kiosk, online, or from food delivery services. All your order will consolidated into eats365 automatically to save your time and make no error.

Combo set help to boost your sales and commonly offer by restaurant during lunch time. With combo set function, you can sell more and have accurate reporting to measure your sales performance.

Here’s the example, an ice-cream kiosk offer 12 flavours with standard and premium pricing and offer a 6 scopes combo with mix of both. We have no problem to handle this and able to do more.

Place your best selling dishes in a custom menu template that tied to your user account. Your custom menu template work across POS, and mPOS for best user experience.

Simplify dine-in restaurant management

Keep track of every orders across all POS devices connect to your restaurant. Streamline the order that send to kitchen for preparation or ready to serve to customers.

Preset of change it on the go while taking orders. Coursing help you to monitor the next course in queue automatically so that your customer will have an awesome dining experience with your restaurant.

Eats365 help you to keep track of available quantity on every dishes and delist them when sold out. You never have to front the angry customer again for accepting order that you cannot fulfil.

Make it an unforgettable dining experience that your customer will share with their friends by using discount scheme that only available for that specific group of customers.

Be informed of customers waiting in the queue and notify them through connected Queue ticket system and eSignage when seat is ready for them.

Optimise your restaurant dine-in capacity by splitting table into seats. Eats365 powerful table management let you split, join, merge and knowing the idle time of a table at one glance.

Serving breakfast menu in the morning, lunch menu in the afternoon or happy hour on Friday noon with automated scheduling menu and let the pos system handle the repetitive tasks for you. 

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Multi-channel ordering for restaurant

Let your customer order from your restaurant even they are away. Your POS system will come with online ordering for mobile or desktop automatically, is free!

Manage your menu in Eats365 POS and sync to your food delivery partners’ platform. Download sales from them back to your POS software automatically.

Accept pickup order or pre-order and let Eats365 automate for you when to send the order to kitchen for preparation. So that your customer get to enjoy the food when it is still hot.

Your restaurant may be close and not accepting orders. Same goes to your online ordering so that customer will not get disappointed for wrong reason.

Self ordering solution

Setup cashier-less self ordering kiosk and let your customers choose what they want to eat. Eats365 provide the most cost effective self-service kiosk solution in the market.

Your customer can order comfortably after seated. Eats365 digital menu solution is integrated with POS and kitchen and let you change the menu at your own.

Print a dynamic QR code and hand it to your customer, they can start browsing your latest menu and place order at their own. Let your staff focus on recommended you best dishes.

Have something else in mind or already have existing self-service kiosk? Check with us if your self ordering solution can work with Eats365. User our open API or choose one that has already integrated with us.

Built-in customer loyalty program

Enable loyalty program that help to retain the most valuable customers for your business. Keep them happy so that they will continue to support you.

You can select outright discount on selected dishes or total bill, or give your customer loyalty point that they can collect and spent in the future. You can setup different membership tiers.

Issue vouchers to your customers to encourage them to patronise your restaurant. You can serialise the voucher to make sure it is authentic.

Loyalty programs play an important part when your business grow. We give you the tool that you can link your customers from different outlets, brands and countries to continue enjoying the perks.

Ingredient management

Control the sellable quantity of a particular dishes by limiting the quantity you allow to sell each day to stop offering to your client. Eats365 will reset the quantity each day automatically.

Keep track of high value ingredients that was use as food modifiers so that you have a summary on how much it has been used by the food item.

Inventory management function let you minus the quantity of the item when it was sold. You can pair with a barcode scanner to retrieve those item by standard barcode such as UPC or EAN barcode.

Recipe management can be turn on in eats365 to integrate with FMH, a professional food supply chain management system. FMH track you inventory down to granular consumption with the sales data gather from eats365.


Eats365 currently serving 20 countries with one platform that is versatile to work in anywhere

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Eats365 can help your business unlock its true potential so you can enjoy real, measurable revenue growth.

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Eats365 POS help restaurant to boost productivity, scalability and preserve operational flexibility.



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